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Doombringer Arena

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Free for all casual arena death match! Want to kill some time? First to 10 kills! Shooter and Slasher! Try to kill whoever wields Deaths Scythe the Doombringer and take it for easy one hit kills. Help your enemies kill holder of Doombringer then kill all them and steal for yourself! At the start the Doombringer will be near Deaths Statue in middle of map, mount up and be first to grab it. Up to 16 Players! Playable version of game Doombringer which is main project in development. You are stuck in purgatory where you will continue to be killed over and over again untill you take Deaths Scythe The Doombringer and sacrafice enough souls before your foes or forever be stuck on this baren wasteland of Death. What I would like to change: 1.) Players will start out together further away from Doombringer and will fight to get on mount to be first to reach Doombringer. 2.) Balances for lesser mortal weapons. 3.) Add random spawn location lesser mortal weapons. 4.) Always show location and wielder of the Doombringer. 5.) Add skills to Doombringer such as a long pull to close gap on victims. 6.) Make Global Leaderboard of top victories, top kills, and top Donations. 7.)Make unique Titles unlocked threw experience and also purchasable Titles with Core currency and our share of earnings will go to Mental Health America! 8.) Add me as friend if you think you can help me with this game or the main game "Doombringer" and get special thanks! Speaking of that will add thanks to all players who help made possible but will do that when game is finished. Please thumbs up and if want leave comment!

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