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Core Games require the Core client to play
Min System Requirements:
  • Windows 10
  • DirectX 11
  • PC only for now
  • More platforms later
Dragon's End MMO RPG (Alpha)




Max Players
Total Played

Dragon's End features a number of quests, dynamic events & open world exploration with more still being added. Join our Discord to get updates, leave feeback and report bugs: *Still very much a work in progress and updated frequently. Please expect large balance changes and possibly stat resets.* After a long journey you've arrived at the docks of the island town called Dragon's End. Named for the ruins upon which it was built it is clamied the former town was destroyed when a dragon woke from beneath the island and destroyed everyone and everything that lived there. An age of time has passed since then and the newly founded town of Dragon's End has so far had a peaceful existence until now. However, recently there has begun frequent rumblings beneath the ground. Undead and viscious beasts come up from the ruins below hinting at a bigger threat deep below. Dragon's End was created as a Dungeons, Caves and Catacombs entry for the Core DnD Dungeon Building Contest. A Collaboration By: Fuddy & Neitherworld Contributions by: Grim Bloodhawk

What's New

V1.0.153 - Dec 7, 2020

Join our Discord to get updates, leave feeback and report bugs: * Fixing a bug that caused everyone to be notified when a player claimed their periodic rewards * Periodically players can now recieve rewards of Gold, XP and Gems. Timers will continue to count even when offline. * Fixing an issue with the road that could cause rubberbanding movement in the town * Reduced overall networked objects to improve network performance. * Temporarily removed Crypt Candle event from event rotation. * Low HP will now trigger a highlight on the potion hotkey button to help teach players when they need to heal. * Elixir can now be picked up at the boat instead of balm. * Pumpkin King and Treant events have returned. * Adventure enemies and bosses now have their damage capped by percentage so they will no longer one-shot new players. * Search Ability has been added. * Searching will grant a small amount of level appropriate XP. * Certain spots on the map now can be searched to uncover loot or NPCs. * Adding Quest Points of Interest to the HUD * Fixing an issue that caused IntroQuest to not be given out. Intro quest can now be obtained from NPC Jacob * Fixed an issue that caused quest progress to not update the UI properly * Fixed an issue where sometimes you would spawn in the graveyard and teleport to the ship when logging into the game * Added DPS counter to town target dummy * Added Single Target DPS leaderboard * Fixed error that could cause events to break * Adding error catching tools * Events can run two at a time * Reduced daily quest timer to 18 hours from 24 and fixed a bug causing daily quests to have 1 minute cooldown * Fixed a bug that could prevent you from completing a quest when the timer for it finishes in the same session * Adjustments made to rate of chest spawns * Adjustments made to crystal staff projectile and impact VFX * Fixed a bug where apprentice staff would show crystal staff particles. * Slightly reduced density and scale of crystal staff particles. * Added Crystal Staff Rare Weapon to Loot Tables * Added Summon ability to Crystal Staff. Ability will summon a fairy that will fight for you for 15 seconds. * Minor Network Optimizations * Fixed an issue with Bat Colliders * Reduced the number of chests required for the Treasure Hunt * Two new daily quests * Daily quest NPCs now show a timer for when they will become available again * XP now scales based on player level vs monster level. Killing mobs above your level now awards bonux xp. * Reduced number of non-networked objects to below 30k


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