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[DnD] Corruption of Aurealis
Sep 4, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
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~*~* D&D GAME JAM ENTRY [NOMINATED TOP 20!]*~*~ [CATEGORY - ELEMENTAL PLANES] ~*~* THE STORY *~*~ Let me tell you about Aurealis... The Aerie-- a cacophony of mysterious floating islands, is in peril. Eerily beautiful crystals plague the once sacred lands, disturbing the magical balance and corrupting the colossal guardians of the elements with malevolent power. On top of this sudden emergence, the Goddess Kasura has mysteriously vanished, leaving the realms vulnerable and in chaos. Join Atro, a quirky and whimsical wisp on the adventure of a lifetime! Uncover what lies beneath the unruly corruption and restore the magical balance to the Aerie, bringing peace back to the realm. Oh, and while you're at it, could you find the Goddess Kasura? Good luck, adventurer! ~*~* GAME FEATURES *~*~ * Platform your way through the realm and discover the four islands of Aurealis! * A beautiful homeworld with diverse NPC's and multiple choice dialogue! * Diverse monsters to slay, weapons to find and a mystery to unfold! ~*~* DEVELOPER NOTES *~*~ Hello, and thank you for checking out my first CORE game! This is my entry into the D&D Game Jam, and now an ongoing project that I aim to work on for the next few months! Whilst this game is in development, feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if you find any issues! Please leave a comment below or you can friend me here on CORE, or alternatively you can find me on Discord. --> [bex.kelseru#6595] Thank you so much, and please enjoy the world of Aurealis! <3

What's New

V1.0.17 - Sep 14, 2020

>GENERAL< * HP and EXP gain modified to be in line with D&D 5th scaling * Monsters have also been adjusted accordingly, with attack and HP stats adjusted where necessary >GRYPHON'S AERIE< * Walkways have been smoothed out for easier travels! * QOL updates >LORG'S DOMAIN< * Particles reduced at the top of Lorg's Ascent to reduce lag * Some dialogue updates have been made for Atro to keep in line with developing plot points * Relief spot added at the start of the trap corridor, first trap deactivated as a result. You're welcome :) * QOL updates [Lorg's Domain - Dungeon Completion: 90%] >DEVELOPER COMMENTS< Aurealis is *fingers crossed* PAX ready! So, for any new players, welcome and thank you for coming along! I hope you enjoy your journey through the Aerie! And to everyone else-- THANK YOU. I am beyond gobsmacked to learn that these windy lil' islands have been nominated for a top 20 spot for the D&D game jam! Thank you to the Core community for leaving me some fantastic feedback, and for your kind words too! The Core community is wonderful and so supportive, so thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 Please keep watching for further updates!