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What is Core?

Core is an endless universe of games and worlds designed by a global community of creators. It's a radically accessible game construction kit, content exchange, and game-playing platform, all in one. With Core, you can create multiplayer games, using the power of Unreal Engine, with no coding or art skills required. When you're ready to share your creations, publish them to the Core platform where they'll be instantly available to play.
Core is in Open Alpha which means anyone can start building, sharing, and playing games. However, Core is not complete, and we will be adding several features and making improvements over time.


Your Own Game Studio

Core is like having an entire game studio in your hands. It gives you the power of Unreal Engine; lets you access hundreds of free, high quality music, sound, and art assets; and enables you to bring immersive, multiplayer worlds to life.
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Opt-In Complexity

Do you want to create without coding or making assets? Or maybe you prefer to write your own game logic in Lua and build your own 3D models with built-in, easy-to-use tools? Either way, Core has you covered.
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Radical Accessibility

In Core, creators don't need expensive tools or complicated coding environments. Core's game construction kits come pre-loaded with logic, UI, and assets. Go from concept to live game quickly then keep iterating!


Creative Collaboration

Core is a platform where creators build and publish for players around the world. You can choose to build games from scratch, or remix and re-imagine content shared by other creators.

One-Click Publishing

When you choose, your game will be instantly hosted on the Core platform where it can be discovered and played by the community. No complicated server configuration needed!

Build a Following & Earn a Living

In the future, Core will offer a set of monetization options for creators that will help them find an audience and make money from the popularity of their games.


An Endless Arcade

Core is a multiverse of free games to play. Experience Unreal Engine powered multiplayer in all your favorite genres. And explore the crazy new concepts from the minds of the player-creator community.

Core Worlds

Core is also a social hub where you can hang out in a network of connected worlds. Feast at a castle banquet, swim in a zero-g space station, or visit a theme park. Build your own world and connect to others.

Character Customization

Define your identity in Core with a variety of character skins to choose from and customize. Collect skins, emotes, pets, and mounts. Core will continue to add new characters and options so you can keep personalizing your experience.